Our Story
Toronto's best Asian-fusion restaurant serving baos, bowls and desserts!
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“Once upon a time, there were three friends—Wayne, Manny, and Zak…

…They were passionate about all things food. New ingredients and recipes always excited them into trying new things. And this led them to try something brand new…”

Our Story

This was Wayne’s first time cooking pork belly after their last adventure.

“Can you imagine anything better than this?” Wayne asked.

…Manny’s grandma used to always say “Everything tastes better in a bao!” And that’s when Manny did ‘ma proud and explained his plan for a pork belly bao.”

Excited, Wayne decided to take matters into his own hands.

“Maybe EVERYTHING tastes better with a bao!” he exclaimed.

After lots of brainstorming and many baos later, Wayne knew what he had to do…

‘So that’s the idea guys!’ Wayne said excitedly.

‘A bao restaurant? That sounds amazing!’ replied Zak.

And this was the start of their incredibly BAOtiful journey.”

‘Dok, dok, dok’ went the knife on the cutting board.

Day in and day out Wayne, Zak, and Manny began to cook up a storm. And eventually, the trio began to turn their ideas into reality.

‘Salad is trending these days, right?’

‘Let’s make some bowls too!’

‘Okay, but we’re gonna need some rice!'”

…After months of prep, the menu had finally been decided. Baos, bowls, fries, and even dessert! Their hard work had led to a BAOntiful menu with something for everyone to enjoy.

With the menu ready, Zak put on his thinking cap and favourite lofi radio and began to furiously brainstorm a name.

‘What did my mom always used to say again? That saying before every meal… I think it was ‘Let’s Makan!”. We probably don’t want ‘Let’s’ in the name though, I should take that out.’

Little did he know, ‘Makan’ meant ‘eat!’


After deciding on the name, all that was left to do was to find a location. Braving snow, hail and TTC delays, the three friends went out in search of the best place to make their dreams come true…

Weeks after starting their search, the perfect store was found.

‘The perfect store! It actually exists!’

‘265 Queen Street West, eh? Who would’ve thought?’

‘Yeah, super near our favourite dessert spot, @FugoDesserts!’

Wayne, Zak and Manny. What new adventure awaits? Well, this is their story…